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Membership issues

Q: How long is the membership valid?
A: The membership is valid for 365 days. The membership term will start from the date of successful registration and will not be terminated due to any circumstances.

Q: What are the card member’s benefits?
A: The members are entitled to the 2 benefits which include: Coupon for gift package, and exclusive customer service. More benefits will be added, please stay tuned for the announcement.

Membership Benefits

I. Green Membership
1. Redeem points
2. Every 100 credits can be used to offset $1

II. Gold Membership
1. Redeem points
2. 5% discount

III.  Buy Credit
1. Top up $500 will get extra $50 free
2. Top up $1000 will get extra $120 free
3. Top up $2000 will get extra $250 free
4. Top up $3000 will get extra $400 free
5. No 5% discount 
6. No redeem points

Credit Redemption

I. Rules of use
1. Every 100 credits can be used to offset $1. The number of credits redeems each time need to be multiple of 100.
2. the credits can only be redeemed through the website. The points are not convertible into cash.

II. Validity period
1. The credits have a validity period. The credits will expire at 23:59,1 year counting from 1 June every year. For example, if the credits earned from 1 June 2020 has not yet been used up, on 1 June 2021 at 00:00 the credits earned would be expired.

III. Accumulation of credits
1. Rebate: Every $1 is equivalent to 1 credit. If the purchase of $100.57, the user can get 100 credit after the completion of the transaction.

IIII. Refund and deduction of credits
1. After submitting the refund application, the system will deduct the credits obtained in the transaction.
2. If your credit balance is insufficient, you will get a refund deducting 10 credits = $1.