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Peach Gum Milk Tea - Mediacorp Capital 958

Peach gum is the resin secreted by the peach bark, also known as peach oil or peach tears. It is a 100% natural secretion by plants. The dried peach gum becomes crystalline stones like ambers. Peach gum when soak in water soaked for more than ten hours, will become soft and chewy like pudding. It has the effect of detoxing blood, reducing fat, relieving pressure, provides the body more collagen for a youthful. The main components of gum are galactose, rhamnose, α-glucose, aldehyde acid, etc. It is also rich in carbohydrates, fat and protein, and can be used with other ingredients to make milk tea, dessert or soup porridge and many more.

Peach gum is also known as "natural bird's nest", replacing it with the bubbles you had for bubble tea, you will be surprise for its texture and deliciousness.  More importantly, rather than asorbing all the fattening starch in the normal bubble, you can now enjoy a healthy choice without sacrificing taste! As it is easily prepared by soaking in water, you can now enjoy healthier bubble tea with your beloved ones at home!